Awkward Moment No.2

Painted Steel, Mixed media
In collaboration with  Thomas Charveriat

There comes a time in the development of every artist that he or she has to come to terms with certain aspects of their heritage. This point came to me when collaborating with the French artist/Gallerist Thomas Charveriat.

We were pondering over a juried show that we were thinking of submitting a piece to where the theme was Water. Water somehow had to be addressed in the works for this show. So we sat and thought and after much discussion decided that we were both ready to try and add our names to the pantheon of great artists that had dared to go against convention and create some potty art.

Potty art is by definition a work of art that somehow addresses the human functions of urinating and or defecating, that’s peeing and pooping to all you phillistines. Thomas had suggested we do a crucifix with blood pouring out of the scars, which would’ve addressed the water criteria, but then we both decided no, now was the time to become apart of that illustrious movement, Potty art.

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