I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, passed through Washington and Philadelphia and after a sojourn in Amsterdam, Holland I find myself residing on the Mediterranean in the city of Barcelona with Julieta and little Tom.

I do drawings in steel so to speak. I create images and compositions out of steel bar and plate, sometimes incorporating other materials like flock, wood or electronics for a splash of contrast. I approach my work with socio/political/cultural awareness, but also with humor and whimsy. Whether it’s a wooden Trojan Unicorn (hyperlink to the work) or a rethinking of Goya’s 3rd of May 1808 (with hyperlink), I try to thread the needle between work that is both fun and impactful. The idea is to promote a tiny bit of discourse without being too dogmatic. Creating for me stems from curiosity and a will to express myself in a less conventional manner. I want to start an open-minded conversation, elicit a smile without being silly, provoke a sensation without being sensational.

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